The Aura
peace overflowing.
all of the hearts are taken, so that leaves us here. not to rot, but to roam freely.
Morning Routine
Vibes and Frequencies [Adam & Eve]
To Freedom
in a world where basic needs are seen as too much to ask...i will be here to carry you through. never think of yourself as a burden. because you are not heavy, you are my brother.
The Art of Bad Timing: When They Ask, "So What Are We?"
Always Here-Digital File.jpg
Anticipation I
craving substance.
Give Her Strength
Queen Resilience: an ode to Eva and Vivian
Make Her Feel Human
Anticipation II
...sometimes your words just hypnotize me...
Water Me
[she is] difficult to please.
Give Her Strength - Mini
Please Keep(Her), Keeper.
No Role Models?
The Mother of the House...
Fall In Love, Don't Look Down
My Sister's Keeper
Mother, My Queen
This Stormy Sunrise, It Will Die. & I Will Be With You My Love.
Put Me Back To Pieces
the rose that grew out of concrete.
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