A Place to Belong.
The Aura
peace overflowing.
all of the hearts are taken, so that leaves us here. not to rot, but to roam freely.
Morning Routine
Vibes and Frequencies [Adam & Eve]
To Freedom
in a world where basic needs are seen as too much to ask...i will be here to carry you through. never think of yourself as a burden. because you are not heavy, you are my brother.
The Art of Bad Timing: When They Ask, "So What Are We?"
Always Here-Digital File.jpg
Anticipation I
craving substance.
Give Her Strength
Queen Resilience: an ode to Eva and Vivian
Make Her Feel Human
Anticipation II
...sometimes your words just hypnotize me...
Water Me
[she is] difficult to please.
Give Her Strength - Mini
Please Keep(Her), Keeper.
No Role Models?
The Mother of the House...
Fall In Love, Don't Look Down
My Sister's Keeper
Mother, My Queen
Put Me Back To Pieces
the rose that grew out of concrete.
This Stormy Sunrise, It Will Die. & I Will Be With You My Love.
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